Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just a photo album from Dunfanaghy

We have been settling in to our new house in Dunfanaghy, sorting out how to get the trash picked up (Fridays) and if we can walk to the beach from here. (Probably.) This post does not contain philosophical explorations of Co. Donegal's considerable heritage, monuments, or any other craic. Just a few photos of where we are now, for family and friends.

Farewell to Glasslake Cottage. 

We took two days to drive from Kerry to Donegal, 4 hours each day. 
Pippin had his cockpit between us, and was not too bored. 

We stayed at the Ardilaun in Galway, a very nice hotel that goes out of its way to be dog-friendly. Pippin had a gift basket, and we didn't! Dinner is served in a pleasant lobby, dogs and their beds, welcomed. 

The first night's fire. 

Pippin snuggles down. 
Typical weather.
What we used to get in Santa Cruz this time of year. 

But more hail than I've ever known.
Artemis cooks food for Pippin and he nearly loses his mind.
There are "seven sister" mountains in Donegal. Muckish on the left, Errigal on the right. Have not yet been introduced to the others. This photo was taken at 2:30 in the afternoon. I love how low in the sky the sun is at this time of year.
Our beach, Horn Head in the distance. 
Muckish, from Ards Forest Park. 
Mt. Errigal. We took a drive last Sunday and our jaws literally dropped. Quite embarrassing. 

An excellent "fairy door" in Ards Forest Park.

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